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Find out if you can Mitsubishi Electric  air conditioner city multi 01 Land  Of  Treasurs Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 2283 6641 Wall Mounted Systems are available in  low GWP R32 Power Inverter, R410A Power Inverter and Standard Inverter ranges . Wall Mounted Systems blend a host of  outstanding features with a sophisticated  streamlined design. Ceiling Concealed Ducted Systems are available in low GWP R32 Power Inverter, R410A Power Inverter and Standard  Inverter ranges. They blend a host of  outstanding features with an unobtrusive  design for easy installation and maintenance. Suitable for medium to large buildings  that demand high performance with  optimum efficiency, our City Multi VRF  range can run numerous indoor units  connected to one outdoor unit.



Wall Mounted

Is the Mitsubishi Electric Group company that specializes in hydronic systems for air conditioning and IT Cooling.

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chiller and fan coil unit

We offer complete elevator packages for use with or without machine room.

This solution, which can be adapted to any architecture, offers you innovative and top performance with simple elegance in the

Appearance - unique in this industry

Innovation and design are brought into harmony here.

Harmony escalators combine function and aesthetics. A wide range of stainless steel surfaces with modifiable lighting colours can be selected.

Clear visual guidance of passengers with stylish directional displays, lighting of steps and combs, and a range of safety devices and sensor systems ensure safe operation.


Tel: +968 2283 6641

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